Entry Level Community Relations Coordinator

Job Description

Crosstown Solutions is one of the nation's leading promotional marketing firms in development, product production, and marketing. Our company's foundation is based on our team member's unique personalities and drive. We focus on providing the best interpersonal skills within individuals to our clients and we need our team members to be full of energy and personality in our campaign dynamics!

Our clients we represent believe in fair opportunities and would like to welcome all candidates who desire to expand their career and become a major contributor to our company. If you have little experience, we provide full training and support to candidates. We would like to build individual's skills to grow to their full potential, our guidance is focused on developing core members, for greater stability and overall success.



The Entry Level Community Relations Coordinator will support with brand representation for major clients in promoting and maintaining the company image. Will also develop strategic relationships between these brands and the appropriate target consumer outlets.



  • Maintains image of major clientele.

  • Communicate daily with all account directors and operational manager, prioritizing and allocating the various responsibilities to run a successful marketing campaign and maximize the resources to highlight the client’s brand awareness.

  • Coordinate and facilitate relationships between the creative team and the brand ambassadors to ensure the correct positioning of the brand within the market.

  • Collaborate with regional Operational Managers and other VP ‘s to increase efficiency and proper distribution of products and requirements to run a successful operation.

  • Assist Director of Public Relations in coordinating and securing company gatherings for special events.

  • Implement and support advertising strategies for each brand with particular focus on select consumer outlets.

  • Strategize with various branches of the corporation, including marketing and commercial, to create a unified and defined message for each brand.

  • Analyze past and current sales productions on a weekly basis for each brand in order to forecast and strategize for the upcoming marketing campaign as well as maintain top ranking among competitors.



  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills both verbal and written

  • Able to speak effectively in interpersonal situations

  • Strong independent work ethic, excellent time management skills, and

  • organizational abilities

  • College degree in related field preferred

  • Demonstrate the ability to seek improvement

  • Eager to learn all aspects of running an operation in sports and entertainment industry

  • Open to management training

  • High energy, and entrepreneurial spirit


Don't Be Fooled

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